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Part 3. Voluntary Surrender and Meritorious Provider

Article 67. The work of voluntarily providing yourself as much as the authorities and offering a real account of just one’s criminal activity after committing it really is an work of voluntary surrender. Criminal elements whom voluntarily surrender might be provided an inferior punishment or perhaps a punishment that is mitigated. Those one of them whoever crimes are reasonably small could be exempted from punishment.

Where unlawful suspects, defendants, and crooks serving sentences give a real account of the other crimes that are not recognized to the judicial organ, their actions are thought to be an act of voluntary surrender.

Article 68. Unlawful elements who perform meritorious solution by exposing others’s crimes that may be confirmed or whom offer important clues leading the cracking of other instances could be offered a smaller punishment or perhaps a mitigated punishment. People who performed major meritorious solution may be provided with a mitigated punishment or could be exempted from punishment.

People who surrender on their own voluntarily and perform major meritorious service after committing a crime will be provided a mitigated punishment or exempted from punishment.

Part 4. Combined Punishment For Over One Crime

Article 69. The term of sentence that it is decided to be executed, in consideration of the circumstances, shall be less than the total term for all the crimes but more than the maximum term for any of the crimes; however, the term of control cannot exceed three years, the term of criminal detention cannot exceed one year, and fixed-term imprisonment cannot exceed 20 years if a person commits more than one crime before judgment has been pronounced, except where he is sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

If one of the crimes you will find any which is why a punishment that is supplementary become imposed, the additional punishment must nevertheless be performed.

Article 70. If, after judgment happens to be pronounced but prior to the punishment was entirely performed, it’s found that, before judgment had been pronounced, the sentenced unlawful element committed another criminal activity which is why he has got perhaps not been sentenced, a judgment will be rendered for the newly-discovered criminal activity, plus the punishment to be performed when it comes to punishments sentenced into the two, previous and second, judgments decided in accordance with the stipulations of Article 69 for this law. The word which has recently been executed will probably be counted within the term determined by the judgment that is new.

Article 71. A judgment shall be rendered for the newly-committed crime, and the punishment to be executed for the punishment that has not been executed for the former crime and the punishment imposed for the latter crime decided according to the stipulations of Article 69 of this law if after judgment has been pronounced but before the punishment has been completely executed the sentenced criminal element again commits a crime.

Part 5. Suspension of Sentence

Article 72. a suspension system of phrase could be pronounced for the element that is criminal happens to be sentenced to unlawful detention or even to fixed-term imprisonment for no more than 3 years, according to the circumstances of their criminal activity along with his demonstration of repentance, and where using a suspended phrase will maybe not in fact bring about further injury to culture.

In cases where a unlawful element for who a suspension system of sentence was pronounced was sentenced up to a additional punishment, the additional punishment must nevertheless be performed.

Article 73. The probation duration for suspension system of unlawful detention will be for around the word initially decided rather than several 12 months, however it may possibly not be not as much as two months. The probation period for suspension system of fixed-term imprisonment will be for around the word initially decided rather than a lot more than five years, but it is almost certainly not significantly less than one 12 months.