FUNNY on line dating tales! Therefore I’ve been following the internet success thread that is dating

The like OK Cupid, a man from my old school that is high away by saying that i visited HS together with cousin. He seemed super harmless and dorky but notably embarrassing (of note, our company is both Chinese). To my profile it said I’d want to learn was and spanish thinking about someone whom could show me personally. And it went like this…For full MONTHS in which he wouldn’t normally DISAPPEAR.

Guy: and that means you want it South associated with Border, eh?

Man: you would like dudes from Southern associated with the Border (SOB).

Guy: therefore will it be because Asian guys don’t have much happening Southern associated with Border?

Man: you realize, Asian chicks today just don’t want to date Asian dudes any longer, is it as a result of just exactly what we’ve got SOB?


Man: Don’t stress i’m pleased with what’s Southern of the BORDER. Don’t get all upset, it is fine if you want the CHORIZO rather than the LAP CHEUNG (a form of sweet chinese sausage), I’ve got this determined.

Man: So, when are we dinner that is getting?

and thus it proceeded…

That one man and I did“click that is n’t romantically, but they are both pet fans so for WEEKS we simply sent one another images of y our kitties. It had been variety of nice to possess an individual who cared the maximum amount of concerning the things that are cute kitty does when I do haha. He stopped texting fourteen days ago, assuming he probably discovered anyone to date finally.

Also, we inadvertently came across the profile of a coworker. I became taking a look at the image thinking the man seemed familiar (dude is utilizing MAD old images) and abruptly it clicked and I also ended up being like “GET AWAY BREAK FREE!!”

He provided me with some strange takes care of (and def visited my profile right back), but we never pointed out it to one another and each of us are now actually in relationships and (i suppose for him) not utilize the web site.

Also – I would personally certainly report that guy to OkCupid for harassment. That isn’t cool at all. Anyone and everybody who delivered me material like this got blocked and reported.

@gut_feeling: Lol well besides the handful of dudes we talked about, we also had one steal my shirt. We went up to their spot once or twice for lunch and I also drank excessively wine the very last time I happened to be here and didn’t wanna drive home, he gave me some clothes to sleep in so I stayed the night and. He attempted to fall asleep beside me and I also wasn’t involved with it, so each morning i obtained dressed and forgot to place my top on over my tank top and left it in their bathroom. We texted him for me and that he was looking forward to seeing me again the following weekend about it and he said he’d hang onto it. Well, I texted him some more times in which he didn’t anymore answer me. Evidently he had been pissed off I didn’t sleep with him and made a decision to keep my top lol. It had been certainly one of my favorite tops too

I’ve never tried online myself… that is dating. However some of my buddies have actually, and I also understand my father has too.

Evidently, my close friends mother found my dad’s profile on a single of this web sites. It traumatized her, and she ended up being therefore mortified she promptly removed her profile. We thought it had been hilarious, but still prefer to tease her sometimes exactly how she might have been my brand new mommy.

My favorite that is personal is man on match that sent me personally a note that consisted merely of “i must say i would you like to clean your own hair.” Hilarious/creepy all in a single.

Another guy explained we seemed interesting. We wasn’t totally sure how exactly to just just take that – interesting as in i do want to become familiar with you or interesting like in, you have a strange searching face?

Oh guy I’d plans when it comes to date that is first this person one week-end, as well as on the Wednesday evening before we decided to go to the gymnasium for an hour or more or so. I came back to my automobile to like 12 texting including “Hey what are you currently up to?” to “Ok, imagine you’re busy?” finally on to “If you don’t respond within the next five minutes I’m calling the cops.” Yeah…sure did cancel THAT date. I laugh at it now, however. For a couple weeks afterwards, I’d get random communications where he’d update me personally as to how AWESOME his life that is dating had been. K buddy, I’m super jealous.

In addition had a man let me know regarding the very first date like me one day that he could picture himself marrying someone. Yikes.

They weren’t all awful though. I came across my hubby on match, so there’s that

I’d one guy who was simply like (I experienced taken my socks down, these people were on to the floor)… “I almost placed on your socks by accident…that could be actually hot actually…can I…can I simply place your socks on…just for a bit?”

Mine is obviously about DH (we came across on the web, playing realm of Warcraft.)

We talked therefore, a great deal. Actually, it had been incessant. On IM, from the phone, text, you identify it, we made it happen.

Therefore, after in regards to an of this, i decided to just drive the five hours to see him month.

That was that, we’ve been together for 5 years now. (a valuable thing I find him handsome!)

I’ve several stories but this really is my all right time favorite. A couple of years back a buddy and I also had been both on okcupid and wound up speaking with the exact same man. We understood this REALLY in early stages and with him we decided I could have him because I had so much more in common. Well first date time comes around and then he informs me he really wants to show me their store where he works on cars before we visit dinner. I’m a motor vehicle nut myself and so I stated certain. Then brings me personally to a storage space unit… There’s no lights and then he keeps attempting to persuade us to stay in the dusty old automobile because it had rollcage. Therefore then we head to supper and then he ended up being simply sooo LOUD and had the craziest eyes that are looking ever seen. My friends had been playing pool nearby and told me personally to create him by after dinner if things went well. Because it went well, but because they’d have to see this guy to believe it so I text my friend and tell her we’re coming but not.