Kpop Idols Who Paid Huge Price For Falling In Love- The Twisted Possessive ‘My Oppa’ Community

It’s distinguished that the Kpop idol relationship is really a taboo subject, particularly into the very first years after their first which explains why many agencies such as for example JYP and YG enforce dating bans.

This all is due to the kpop that is possessive, numerous fans assume the idol are theirs and may only work tirelessly rather than date. Just in case an idol comes forwarded with dating news, they’re frequently bombarded with hate responses; numerous fans withdraw their help from their idol due to easy dating news.

The news that is dating just affects the idol nevertheless the agency also, which explains why in many situations they’d deny it if there clearly was no picture proof.

Today, we will be looking at several of the most awful situations of Kpop idols whom paid a price that is heavy just confirming these were dating.

Note 1: the under partners additionally received help from numerous Korean and worldwide fans, but we’re highlighting couples who have been greatly and adversely impacted by their dating news.

Note 2: record is certainly not an extensive list.

Som Hye In

The initial with this list is clearly the absolute most incident that is recent. She arrived on the scene as bisexual of an ago and shared photos with her girlfriend month. She revealed that by by by herself through her instagram account. As you expected, she had been harassed with hate homophobic comments by Netizens.

A few of netizens opinions had been,

“Why should you be happy with that?”

“Lesbian and a school bully? gross… i really hope she would go to hell.”

“Since whenever were relationships that are same-sex to aid? The planet is certainly going crazy.”

“Is this one thing to aid? I’m dizzy right right here.”

“A college bully and bisexual, should we help this?”

Just in case you’re wondering in regards to the ‘school bully’ parts, that’s because she made headlines following a college buddy accused her of bullying. She later on arrived on the scene having a declaration to simplify that she didn’t bully her but ended up being a bystander to your bullying that occurred to her (whilst also being bullied because of the same individual). She additionally included that she stated things she shouldn’t have said and hurt the one who was being bullied.

As a result of the enormous comments that are hateful received, she circulated an extended statement doubting she’s doing it for popularity or attention.

“i did son’t understand I would personally get this attention that is much i recently didn’t desire to conceal that I became dating in and love like everyone else….

We don’t want my visitors to get harmed, its my responsibility to safeguard them. I am going to simply take appropriate action to protect them. Please stop.”

Despite her warning the hateful feedback didn’t stop. She paid much cost for exposing her relationship along with her non-celebrity gf since Southern Korea is just a conservative nation.

Choiza and Sulli

Sulli happens to be regarding the end that is receiving of nasty remarks for a long time now. She’s always when you look at the news for just what she posts to her instagram account. Netizens often her‘crazy,’ plus an ‘attention seeker. bash her and phone’

She was initially portrayed due to the fact innocent baby-face idol right right right back in her very very early idol times then when her dating news arrived on the scene, it absolutely was badly gotten for large number of reasons.

She had been rumored become rapper that is dating since September 2013. Initially, both agencies denied the rumors. Later on, it had been stated that Choiza’s destroyed wallet ended up being discovered by a complete complete complete stranger whom saw pictures of these together; the pictures were published online, they went viral.

Choiza’s agency Amoeba heritage confirmed it was Choiza’s destroyed wallet. Later on, in August of 2014, both SM and Amoeba community confirmed the news that is dating. SM had been criticized for the obscure declaration, for which they claimed ‘they depend for each other,’ it wasn’t until Amoeba Culture circulated a clear declaration confirming the 2 had been certainly dating that fans became certain of it.

It was followed closely by an apology from Choiza whom explained he couldn’t come ahead with a verification of this dating news straight back then as a result of ‘personal circumstances.’ He claims that for her and thus his agency released a clear statement confirming the dating news after he saw just how much the hateful comments hurt her, he decided to not be a source of suffering.

Supporting fans had been furious for the next explanation, SM announced that Sulli would continue an indefinite hiatus from the activity industry, and certainly will maybe not be doing along with her team. The agency reported that the hateful responses stemming from dating rumors took a cost on her behalf psychological and health that is physical.

There have been reasons that are many had been upset. Sulli ended up being perhaps one of the most popular people in her group f(x) at that time. There clearly was additionally the huge age space among them both. Numerous criticized Choiza for dating somebody away from his league. They’re 14 years aside.

Fans also criticized Sulli that she didn’t care about what her fans thought of this and she went on to boast about their relationship on social media sharing various photos of them together because it appeared. Her news that is dating also impacted her group tasks at that time pictures had been released.

She formally announced her departure through the team a later year.

The few announced their breakup in March of 2017.

Kang Daniel and Jihyo

Another famous few that took the Kpop fandom by shock!

Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo news that is dating one of the most shocking up to now given that it ended up being therefore random, fans couldn’t think the 2 had been dating.

The news that is dating revealed by Dispatch, they shared different photos regarding the couple taking place times inside the apartment within the costly UN Village apartment complex. That they had times here because Jihyo lived along with the rest of her people in a dorm.

Dispatch advertised that the 2 had been introduced to one another by way of a senior musician whom had been later on revealed to be 2AM’s Seulong. They reportedly started dating at the beginning of 2019 during Daniel’s really general public fight that is legal their previous agency.

Soon after the report was launched, both KONNECT Entertainmentand JYP Entertainment confirmed the headlines.

Usually the one who suffered through the unveil ended up being clearly Kang Daniel who’s nevertheless considered reasonably a rookie. The news that is dating inner circle dating app established only fourteen days after he made his formal solamente first.